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I'm JEN.


I'm a design thinker and creative problem solver. I started my career at Otis College of Art + Design, where I studied Digital Media and Communications. After graduating, I fell in love with designing for experiences that manifest in the digital space ranging from web to instrumental clusters or even environmental, like an interactive wall. I worked in the Entertainment industry for 6 years before transitioning officially to product design. I am now a Principal Experience Designer at Intuit. At Intuit, I'm leading strategy for onboarding across the ecosystem.

Previous to Intuit, I worked on several projects at a Product Interactive Agency called Native where I designed the instrumental cluster of a 2018 and 2020 vehicle. Before Native, I designed the app experience for a smart cup. And before that, I was at Apple designing and animating video content for the keynotes. In Los Angeles, I’ve had the role of a lead designer working on commercials, network rebrands, film title sequences at motion graphics studios for clients like Nike, Target, Sony, Visa and more.

In the meantime, I love to learn, draw and go hiking.
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Figma, Sketch, Principle, Adobe Suite 


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Jen is an amazing designer and all around great colleague and friend! Jen joined Intuit when we were in the middle of launching a very big, very fast moving project to revolutionize how customers experience the two most important benefits of QuickBooks. She got up to speed right away and started adding value immediately. Since then, Jen has taken on bigger and bigger initiatives -- from redesigning the QBO dashboard, to zero states, to most recently our reports & insights framework. Jen is extremely hard working and leaves no stone unturned -- her developer partners love working with because she thinks through every last detail to pixel perfection. Jen is a huge asset to our team, a leader among our visual design community, and an amazing team player and culture builder. Our team wouldn't be the same without Jen!

- Kylie Tuosto, Design Leader, PM Director at Intuit

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